Why you win?

Ty is for winners. This is something we strongly believe and something that all Ty resellers know. We could go on for days about why we are the best, but let us be short and only mention this:

The complete sell-through time of a Ty display is approximately 2 months

The quality of Ty items is absolutely unbeatable (not even to mention at such price!): the eyes are designed and hand-painted. The fabrics come from the apparel industry - not toys! - and are made in Japan and South Korea

The exposition is unbeatable: you cannot get such a wide assortment for such a wide age group on such tiny floor space with any other item, plush or not

The brand is sold in 151 countries worldwide, it is instantly recognizable and has the largest social media coverage in the plush industry

You get a 50% margin on a fast-selling impulse purchase item that is aimed at every single client that enters your store. Boys and girls, men and women, ages 3 and up to 120+

Collections are updated twice a year, which means that you receive a new range each 6 months. You always have the most sought-after items and nothing is ever dusting on the shelves - buyers know that collections are temporary and you need to buy it now before it’s gone

This is the absolutely best and unbeatable value for money that you and your customers can possibly get - we’re not even kidding! - on this planet

You will be taken care of by our extremely friendly customer service in your native language, always just one phone call away

We have multiple sales representatives in all Nordic countries with even territory coverage - there is someone in your area always ready to drive by and assist you on any matter. Or - who knows - maybe just a friendly chat?

Want to sell TY products?