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It's hard to live up in the trees. The leaves trigger my allergies. I like it better on the ground. That way I get to roll around.

Were not monkeying around, but Dunston is! This playful primate is always up for having fun. Soft and squishy, Dunston makes a great addition to your Squishy Beanie collection. Soft brown fabric Fun to squeeze Squishy Beanie Ready for hugs and love Makes fantastic friend Perfect for Monkey or zoo lovers Includes official Ty Heart with birthday and poem Surface clean only Large: 35 cm

Ty Squishy Beanies are the soft, huggable friends you can take everywhere you go! Made from colorful, cozy fabric, Squishy Beanies are available as many of your favorite Beanie Boos plush characters. You can even use them as a pillow! Collect them all and get ready for your Squishy Beanie hugfest! Available in sizes Medium (25 cm) and Large (35 cm).

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