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I sing because it's a lot of fun
But only when I sit in the sun!

Harmonie's horn sparkles and swirls, filled with enough magic for all boys and girls. This spotty mare is a perfect gift for any unicorn lover. Take Harmonie the plush unicorn home to your barn today!

Magical plush unicorn is made with snuggly soft Ty Silk
Sparkly, glittery, pink Beanie Boo eyes
Multicolored textured Super Sparkle accents on horn, ears, and feet
A plush unicorn with a white body covered in blue, green, pink, and yellow spots!
Bright, tufts of pink hair on mane and tail
Cheerful expression brightens your day
Includes official Ty Heart with birthday and poem
Surface clean only
15 cm

Plush animals with large sparkly eyes, produced in hundreds of different styles. Beanie Boo’s are the most selling toy in the world, with over 1 million products sold each day. They are a collectible item, retailed in 151 countries worldwide. Beanie Boos come in 4 different sizes: key rings / clips (8 cm), Regular (15.5 cm), Medium (23 cm) and Large (40 cm).

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